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"The shininess of the black against the big white clown's mouth, the hat, the over-long tailcoat mocking. It always gives me the jolt that racist history does. Democratic Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam has refused to resign from office following the emergence of a photo from his medical school yearbook featuring a white man in .

White Supremacy’s Minstrel Face. The parody jumped from the minstrel stage to radio — where white actors portraying black characters drew tens of millions of . The investigation comes after Twitter users noticed Black faces were less likely to be shown than White ones in image previews on mobile when the image contains a Black face and a White face.

The following is a transcript of an interview with Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont that aired Sunday, January 31, , on "Face the Nation.". Blackface emerged in the early s, when white actors darkened their faces with burned cork or shoe polish to mimic and stereotype slaves. The comedic device endured, cementing itself in .