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Aug 9, - Jenna Jameson before and after extensive facial surgery including implants (chin, cheek) and injections. Apr 09,  · Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Lips Filler Injection The other noticeable sign of Jenna Jameson plastic surgery is on her lips and cheeks which look fuller than she used to. Many surgeons believe that this American entrepreneur has had lips filler injection and cheeks implant, so that both of her lips and cheeks now look fuller.

Dec 14,  · Jenna Jameson has a new face — no surgery required! Since losing more than 80 lbs. with the keto diet, the former adult film star has transformed her body. She shared a close up of her face on. Dec 13,  · 'My face changed': Jenna Jameson shared some of the other benefits of her Keto diet with her roughly , Instagram followers this Wednesday Writing that 'changing my diet has impacted the.

May 17,  · Another thing that changes from Jenna Jameson is on her face which you can see on her old picture when she has just entered the pornographic industry she as flat nose with large nose bridge which is not flattering for her appearance. That is why she needs to do something about it so she opts to do some nose job so she could become more attractive. Apr 10,  · Did Jenna Jameson get plastic surgery? In the past, the former porn star has copped to getting butt implants and breast implants — which she had removed back in But fans also think she may.

The facial expressions Jenna makes when she speaks is the best ever. Sorry Nik, but this season hands down is the best one and its only 2 episodes deep. I haven’t watched yet, but everyone is texting me about Jenna Jameson being a complete psycho nut job.- nik. In jenna jameson no makeup uses a variety of techniques. Tone cream allows you to achieve the most fresh face shade. Wide eyebrows make you younger. Blush can add age or make you more fresh and young.

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