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Jul 01,  · The clitoris is a nub of spongy tissue at the front of the vagina. Recent research reveals that much of the clitoris is internal, having 4-inch roots that reach into the vagina. When sexually. Sep 06,  · When stimulated, the clitoris becomes erect as the area fills with blood. However, a healthy mix of testosterone, estrogen, and prostaglandins is required to fuel this process and sensitize the area. Additionally, the nerve endings in the clitoris must produce adequate amounts of nitric oxide to move the tissues.

Jan 09,  · Clitoris pain can result from damage or injury to any of the structures of the vulva (external genitalia), including the inner and outer labia, the vaginal opening, and the clitoris. The symptoms may be constant or variable and may improve or worsen with movement or sexual activity. Jul 09,  · The clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. The clitoris is actually leagues ahead. The tiny organ has about 8, sensory nerve fibers, according to the Museum of Sex, which is nearly twice the Author: Rachel Grumman Bender.

There can be an additional danger to the clitoris if the sensitivity is reduced. The clitoris has over 8, nerve endings which make for great pleasure. However, if it becomes desensitized over time, women may hurt themselves trying to get that same reaction from their body. Overstimulation and overuse of sex toys can cause nerve ending damage. Nov 15,  · Glans clitoris. This is the external nub we think of when picturing the clitoris. Even though it’s ‘the size of a pea,’ it holds thousands of nerve Jennifer Chesak.

Jan 27,  · When most people say “clit,” they’re usually talking about the sensitive love button that sits at the apex of the labia (your down-there .