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semen in condom - Cum in condom. Eating!

Condoms are designed and tested -- each and every one of them, by every manufacturer -- to be able to withstand ejaculation (what you're calling "erupting") as well as to contain a single ejaculation: the amount of semen a person with a penis emits when they ejaculate. Sep 02,  · Penis in condom - semen in condom (Penis im Kondom - Sperma im Kondom)jpg 3, × 2,; MB Penis in condom 1, × 1,; KB Penis in condom with 1, × 1,; KB.

Jun 01,  · Summary When not using a condom or other barrier method during sex, liquid from the penis can enter the vagina without either party knowing. . Sep 30,  · the cum came out of the top of the condom I'm 17 years and I think im going too get pregnant I asked him to put a condom on after a while and he did, he put it on right and cum in the condom Help! i need your advice! condom didnt break but can i get pregnant if small amts of sperm fluid come out from botom of condom We used a glove instead of.

If your partner wearing a condom: Approx, all women have this issue if your partner is wearing a condom, how can you feel semen inside your vagina if you put a condom on the penis? The vagina is already wet: Most women do not feel semen in their vagina because their vagina is already wet but they sometimes feel the warmth of semen fluid.