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scrotum condom - Latina Sucks A BBC And Licks Scrotum

Jun 10,  · Condoms are a great way to protect against STIs and prevent pregnancy. The only problem is that they still leave the gross balls exposed. Luckily, Chinese student Kong Author: Cosmo Frank. Oct 24,  · Your balls never have to feel left out when you roll on a condom again. The creators of Scroguard —a latex brief that claims to protect your full pelvic .

The Scrotector (TM) condom is the world's first condom designed specifically to protect the scrotum during intercourse. The Scrotector (TM) condom offers, for the first time ever, a special protective pouch for the male scrotal area in addition to the tried-and-tested latex barrier covering the shaft of the penis. Shower Cap Condoms™ cover the testicles shielding both sexual partners from direct contact. "Once you are sold on the idea that condoms protect you from STD's, then you have no choice but to protect your balls too" "If you only use a condom, you are half-covered" Get Your Safari Pack!

Nov 02,  · I also like to wear a condom over my cock and balls when I go to the beach wearing a shear bikini as the condom causes a shine to show inside the bikini. Makes the view "interesting"! 0 0. Sun Mane. 1 decade ago. Going balls deep only goes for having intercourse. Not a condom.