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In a book interview that made waves, Pope Benedict XVI said that while using a condom can represent a step in the right direction as far as showing concern for the other person, it . Pope Partly Endorses Condoms. Pope Benedict seemed to soften the Catholic Church’s famous opposition to condoms in a series of interviews with a .

Of course, for those who delight in mischaracterizing the Church’s position, this was all the opening they needed. The internet was instantly ablaze with headlines like “Pope says condoms acceptable ‘in certain cases’,” and “Pope Endorses Condoms for Male Prostitutes For AIDS Prevention”. Our personal favorite is this story from Britain’s The Telegraph, which claims, . The biggest news of the weekend was the headline-perfect story that Pope Benedict XVI was endorsing condoms after the Vatican’s decades old stance against them. The problem? That’s not actually true. (via TIME). The news came from an in-depth six hour interview that will be published by Ignatius Press, in which the Pope discussed the sexual abuse scandal and .

The Pope Endorses Condom Use The Pope Endorses Condom Use. November 22, Josh Comments 0 Comment. In a possible Joe Biden moment, Pope Benedict allegedly softened his position on condom use in an interview with a German journalist this past summer. His remarks are being hailed as groundbreaking, even though the context is decidedly limited. Pope Benedict Endorses Condom Use — for Male Prostitutes Only Associated Press go to original November 21, Light of the World: The Pope, The Church and The Signs Of The Times by Peter Seewald, Pope Benedict XVI Check it out on virginxx.xyz: Share.

ROME -- The Vatican says Pope Francis will name a pontifical delegate to run the embattled Knights of Malta, effectively taking over the sovereign lay Catholic order after its . P ope Francis has indicated that the Catholic church is prepared to condone artificial contraception to avoid pregnancy in response to the Zika virus, believed to .

The world’s media took the latter phrase as a sign that the pope was relaxing the Church’s traditional teaching against contraception, running headlines such as “Pope endorses limited use of. and ended up saving a million lives by allowing catholic charitable donations go to condoms, would that be a sin? Or is it against 'the lord's' will?