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Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee first realised he had a huge penis when he started having sex with porn stars. The rocker, ex-husband of Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, won admiration from a. Below, you will find a host of weird things rock stars have allegedly put their penis in. In Motley Crue’s The Red Hot Chili Peppers putting socks on their dicks is probably the second.

A rep for Lee has since told Page Six that it’s not Lee‘s pen*s, but was a “filter.” The rep couldn’t explain where this X-rated filter is available or how Lee found it, but said: “All I know is it’s not his.” Lee recently slammed Donald Trump for not allowing Bahamians fleeing the destruction of Hurricane Dorian into the United States on humanitarian grounds. The Led Zep frontman has one of the most iconic crotches in rock history, and according to groupies, it's not just for show. His exploits are splattered all throughout the pages of the tell-all Zep chronicle Hammer of the Gods, and groupies claim that his "Moby Dick" weighs in (metaphorically speaking) at 10 inches.

This time round we tirelessly researched the biggest dicks in Hollywood, from Leonardo DiCaprio, to Tommy Lee, to Tony Danza, to Justin Theroux, to everyone's favorite meat and two veg man, John Hamm. These Hollywood hunks are packing more than their fair share—with far and beyond the average inch peen. Here they are, in no particular. Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx 'gang-raped' woman with Tommy Lee, boasted about it in memoir. In the tell-all autobiography 'The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band', Nikki Sixx claimed he 'tricked the woman as to who she was having sex with'.