Girl fucks with Candle and Finger in Ass - liir and candle erotic


liir and candle erotic - Girl fucks with Candle and Finger in Ass

Trism Bon Cavalish/Candle; Trism bon Cavalish/Liir/Candle; Trism bon Cavalish; candle - Character; Liir (Wicked) Polyamorous relationship; Summary. In the end, they had both found their way back to him together. But they would not sneak in through the front or back door. They waited for Liir to cross the threshold hand in hand. Language. Candle the rapist. Shouldn't it be pointed out that Candle apparently rapes Liir? Having sex with someone who is unconscious - this isn't even "sleeping" sex with someone you know - is clearly a violation of any notion of consent. I find it rather sad she later tries to guilt him into support as well and the novel is apparently o.k. with this.(Rated Start-class): WikiProject Oz.

As for Liir and Trism (BTW, massive bonus points to you for not Uke-fying one of them! Trism and Liir both actually look manly!) I never shipped Candle with Liir. I didn't see any real affection between them. I saw Liir as staying with her because . Gregory Maguire has described Liir as "Elphaba's bastard son" in interviews. It's also revealed in Son of a Witch that Liir is bisexual and often pines for his male lover, Trism; despite this, Liir chooses to stay with Candle out of apparent devotion.

Elphie and Yero's duet is interrupted by Liir and Trism. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I've always loved that sexy song, 'As long as your mine.' It would be even more hotter if Liir and Trism sang it together. LIIR. They're my OTP. I hate Candle. I cried when Liir left Trism. I hope they see each other again! And you know make up for more lost. Lily of the valley candle, lily scented candles, white scented candle, aromatic candle, floral scent candle, Mother's day gift, gift for her RNRCANDLES. From shop RNRCANDLES. 5 out of 5 stars () reviews $ FREE shipping Favorite Add to.