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There are many flattering medium hairstyles for round faces, from waves and curls to braids and ponytails. If you are looking for a perfect hairstyle to balance out your facial proportions, you will certainly find it here. Updated January 20, · by Angelika Mishina The Right Beautifying Hairstyles To Hide Your Big Forehead. Feb 18,  · These are but a few examples of how a haircut will account for facial features: A Large Head and Face If you've got a large head and face, keep the haircut proportional. A larger, fuller style is often appropriate as a small shape can get lost and appear out of proportion.

Hairstyles and dealing with a prominenent nose, chin, high or low forehead and small or large mouth Dealing with Specific Facial Features Prominent Profiles, Unbalanced Features and Hairstyles You know the general shape of your face, but you worry that the hairstyle you love on your favorite actress won't look the same on you.