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A lavallière, also called a pussycat bow, is a style of neckwear often associated with women's and girls' blouses and bodices. It takes the form of a bow tied at the neck similar to those sometimes tied around the necks of kittens and cats. History. While bows at the neck had been worn since at least the 19th century, the term "pussy cat bow. Mar 07,  · Tie them into a secure, double-knot in the front. You don't have to tie the cording exactly like this, but the crisscross will create a nice effect. Choose a rope that is about the thickness of a pen or pencil. You can also use leather cording instead. If you don't want to wear a belt with your toga, use safety pins to secure the under layer of 80%(5).

Apr 30,  · Bow to the rear: widow, server or child. Of course, a dirndl bow cannot only be tied to the right, left or in the middle at the front, but may also be tied at the rear. But be careful ladies: It’s only children, Oktoberfest servers or widows that tie the bows of their apron at the rear. Tip for men: Maybe the woman with the bow at the back.