Muslim Student Fucked By Teacher - fuck muslims and there screwed religon


fuck muslims and there screwed religon - Muslim Student Fucked By Teacher

If that’s a religion of peace than holy fucking shit. All other religions have a basic virginxx.xyze or be punished upon your death with the inability to enter into paradise. Islam is the only fucking religion that states “Fuck that shit. Your ass is going to believe now or we’re going to fucking make you!”. No matter what happens in any corner of the world Islam and Muslims are responsible for that calamity. If you observe the world today we live in there are so many forces working to defame the religion of Allah. But I am discussing the about the major reasons. Media. Media is playing a major role in defaming Islam and portraying Muslims as.

Because of centuries of in-breeding, Islam has never been a religion, and Allah is not God. Much of the Muslims are literally inbred mutants displaying lower IQs, mental problems, and are famous for their hair trigger violence. Going off on anyone at any time. This is why sunnis and sheiites fight each other. There are gay Muslims, but just like in Christianity and many other religions, because people of the same sex cannot marry, it’s impossible to have marital sex in the eyes of the religion. You.

Fuck your Islam, Fuck your Prophet and Fuck you Muslims!