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Jul 05,  · It has been postulated that relief by fan therapy in experimentally induced cough in volunteers is via the trigeminal nerve and facial cooling similar to breathlessness. 3 Nasal passage hypersensitisation has been observed to trigger the cough Anna Elizabeth Sutherland, Matthew Carey, Mary Miller. Dec 15,  · Facial massage techniques help provide sinus pain relief by breaking up the mucous that collects in the sinuses, naturally clearing passageways and stimulating drainage and relieving congestion and pressure. By increasing blood circulation, .

Cough may be an indicator of aspiration due to oral-pharyngeal dysphagia. The efficacy of swallowing exercises and electrical muscle stimulation is under study. Surgical interventions may be considered in selected patients, but studies proving efficacy are generally lacking. and three treated adults relied on gestures and facial Cited by: Jun 18,  · Coughing is an important defensive reflex that occurs through the stimulation of a complex reflex arc. It accounts for a significant number of consultations both at the level of general practitioner and of respiratory by:

Sep 01,  · Allergies, colds, cough and sore throat are dreadful, irritating and troublesome. Imagine if you can get relief from these health issues in just 5 minutes using a simple SCENAR device – the DENAS PCM 6. Natural remedy for allergies, common colds, cough and sore throat is a major concern for people around the world. Cough due to upper airway disease Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis (rhino-sinusitis) [ 28] are often associated with posterior (i.e. postnasal drip) and/or anterior mucopurulent drainage, nasal stuffiness, facial pain, pressure, and/or fullness and decreased sense of smell.

• Upper Airway Cough Syndrome • “Post Nasal Drip Syndrome” • Nonspecific symptoms and signs • Lack of objective testing • Pathophysiology –mechanical stimulation of afferent limb of cough reflex in upper airway –Increased sensitivity of cough reflex in upper airway Palombini BC et al. Chest ; Bronchitis, an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, causes cough, dark or yellow mucus, chest pain and more. Asthma (child) Asthma is a chronic condition that causes swelling and narrowing in the airways, causing cough and more. Acute sinusitis. Acute sinusitis, an inflammation of the sinuses, causes sinus pain and tenderness, facial redness.