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Oct 12, A SPECIAL KIND OF BRUTE WITH A LOVE OF VIOLENCE For Linebacker Dick Butkus of Illinois, the good life consists mainly of picking apart a . Sep 24,  · The tandem defined the team and the league for most of a decade. Both players ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But where Sayers was graceful, Butkus was brutal. Sayers eluded tacklers.

Richard Marvin Butkus (born December 9, ) is an American former football player, sports commentator, and actor. He played professional football as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL) from to Through those nine seasons he was invited to eight Pro Bowls, named a first-team All-Pro six times, and was twice recognized by College: Illinois. Sep 06,  · Dick's wife, Helen, had urged her husband to remain calm, but Butkus shrugged her off, drove to the big shot's office in Beverly Hills, barged in, grabbed the man by the shirt and in front of stunned office workers, shoved the dead-beat out the door and into the man's car.

It is possible that Dick Butkus was the meanest, nastiest, fiercest linebacker to ever put on a helmet. More than a quarter of a century after his retirement, there remains the . Dick Butkus's Career Capsule. Full Name: Richard Marvin Butkus Birthdate: December 9, Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois High School: Chicago Vocational Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame: January 20, Enshrined into Pro Football Hall of Fame: July 28, Presenter: Pete Elliott, Butkus’s head coach at Illinois Other Members of the Class of Yale Lary, .

Mar 29,  · “What used to be considered a tackle, a violent head-on, a violent—if that was done by Dick Butkus, they’d say he was the greatest player.” But now, Trump lamented, the hit was penalized for being dangerous. American history belongs to rituals of violence. America marched chain-bound Native peoples across its many borders.