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COVID Has Had A Surprising Impact On Our Sex Lives By Jess Joho 2 weeks The spike in sex toy sales, rise of OnlyFans, and normalization of masturbation as part of everyday health and wellness were some of the only good things to come from the pandemic (pun intended). Want to see into our lives? We aren't always musicing, this week the camera caught us sharing childhood memories while looking through our combined .

However, we stand out by faithfully and obediently living into our ordinary lives. When we approach our work with the greater mission of glorifying God, things change. Our attitudes are more positive, our work is more efficient, our daily lives are more significant, and we feel fulfilled because we are living for Christ. Does God Intervene in Our Lives? 01/02/ pm ET Updated Mar 04, Years ago, a member of my church -- well into her 80s, with limited mobility -- told me she would ask God for a parking space near the front door of wherever she was going. Almost every time, the space was waiting for her.