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George Bowser and Rick Blue, better known as Bowser and Blue, are a musical duo from Montreal who write and perform comedic songs. Their material ranges from absurdist humour to pointed political and cultural satire. Both longtime members of the music scene in Montreal, Bowser and Blue began working together as a duo in They still perform and travel extensively across Canada. Four of their . Bowser and Blue official site, Bowser & Blue Canada's favorite comedy duo,from political satire to impersonations to funny songs this famed comedy duo does it all. Comedy and music by Bowser and Blue featuring funny songs, downloads, cds and dvds.

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George Bowser and Rick Blue have been together for more than a quarter of a century and have mastered the art of the really funny song. What makes them a cut above in this genre is they are great musicians, singers, composers, impersonators, and, most important lyricists. The pop/rock and sometimes coarse humorist band called Bowser and Blue is a Canadian duo made up of vocalists George Bowser and Ricky Blue. The team began working together in Montreal in They went Read Full Biography. Biography ↓ Discography ↓ Songs ↓ Credits ↓.

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The murder of Seth Rich occurred on Sunday, July 10, , at a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Rich died about an hour and a half after being shot twice in the back. He was murdered by unknown perpetrators for unknown reasons, but police suspected he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.. The year-old Rich was an employee of the Democratic National. Clinton was the one with control over Lewinsky's employment. Just as (hypothetically) if he accepted advances a twelve-year-old girl made to him would have made him a pedophile. Clinton doesn't get let off the hook just because he wasn't the instigator. He was still obligated to refuse the advances of a very much lower level employee.