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Jul 28,  · Research has shown that isolated intercourse in women 48 hours before ovulation and during the day of ovulation result in 36% chance of pregnancy. If you fail to use protection like make condoms or female condoms, then you can get pregnant especially in your fertile window. What are the chances of getting pregnant during ovulation? What are the chances of getting pregnant with a condom?

what are the chances of getting pregnant without condom breaking? missed a period before having sex and i'm due for one now. my periods are irregular Dr. Wayne Ingram answered Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology 20 to 25 %: A condom used alone for contraceptive purposes has a 20 to 25% failure rate. It is absolutely possible to become pregnant even if a man does not ejaculate, or does not ejaculate during intercourse. The most reliable methods of birth control involve the use of either a contraceptive medication, such as birth control pills, or a barrier, such as a condom.

Jan 04,  · There are always ways and means to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay without using a condom. It is possible not to get pregnant without protection. Sounds like a good deal right? We bet it does, all you need is to be cautious about when to . Oct 22,  · You or your partner are more likely to fall pregnant if you have sex during certain stages of the menstrual cycle. However, to be on the safe side, you still should use a condom every time you have.

May 21,  · I do know that if you didnt get pregnant this time, and you continue to be sexually active with no protection, you WILL get pregnant sooner or later. If you are going to be sexually active, you need to get yourself some kind of birth control. Condoms and spermicidal foam is probably one of the easiest to get.