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How Much Fiber Per Day? Grams, Sources, Benefits, and More. Mar 01,  · For the average of fiber intake during adolescence and early adult life, the RR comparing highest with lowest quintiles was (95% CI –, Ptrend). CONCLUSIONS: Our findings support the hypothesis that higher fiber intakes reduce BC risk and suggest that intake during adolescence and early adulthood Cited by:

Jun 15,  · Nutritional Concerns in Young Adulthood. There are a number of intake recommendations for young adults. According to the IOM, an adequate intake (AI) of fluids for men . Feb 01,  · Higher dietary fiber intake in young women may reduce breast cancer risk. Boston, MA – Women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables —may have significantly lower breast cancer risk than those who eat less dietary fiber .

The AMDR for fiber is 22 to 28 grams per day for women and 28 to 34 grams per day for men. Soluble fiber may help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, while insoluble fiber can help .