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Jan 04,  · If you’re going back to college as an adult, you may be eligible for grants and scholarships for returning students. In fact, nontraditional college attendees are eligible for both financial aid and low-rate federal loans. Although you may already have a job, it will still be difficult to pay for college because college in general is expensive. Most universities cost upwards of $10,$20, on average.

Mar 20,  · There are many adults returning to college to either finish their schooling or change careers, and there are many grants available specifically for adults going back to school. Grants are monies given to students that do not need to be repaid upon completion of their studies/5(2). College grants are financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back. Learn more about federal and state grants, how to apply for grants for college, what grants can pay for, and more. Differences between grants for college and scholarships Both scholarships and grants for college are free money to help you pay for your education.

Rather than college loans, you might consider taking an alternate approach to paying for school. Fortunately, college grants can help you cover tuition costs without incurring debt. Although most scholarship grants are aimed at high school adolescents, there are a few available for adults returning to school. You just have to know where to look/10(99).