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Jul 23,  · When it comes to immigration to Canada, senior citizens have a different set of needs and settlement issues than younger immigrants. “Immigrant seniors don’t qualify for the same things other seniors do, and not what other immigrants do because they’re older,” explains Lynn Podgurny ofthe Kerby Centre’s Information/Advocacy Department. A new federally-funded website has been created specifically for immigrant seniors . Jun 11,  · With amendments to the Citizenship Act in , the age range to meet language and knowledge requirements was amended from to This provision is retroactive, therefore, applicants who have not yet been assessed, or are in the process of being assessed for knowledge and language requirements and were 55 years of age or older on the date they signed their application will .

To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you: must be 18 years of age or older on the day you sign the application must be a permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1, days in the 5 years immediately before you apply may need to. The elderly immigrant population is divided into three groups: long- term elderswho landed in Canada aged years, short-term elderswho landed aged years, and immediate elderswho landed aged 60 years or older. Using data from the longitudinal Immigrant Database (IMDB)1this paper builds on two aspects of previous research in this area.

All adult applicants for a grant of citizenship must. make an application for Canadian citizenship; be 18 years of age or older; be a permanent resident of Canada and not have lost that status and have no unfulfilled conditions relating to that status; meet residency requirements, which include physical presence and income tax filing;. Sep 30,  · The new figures show Canada’s population has reached 37,,, the biggest year-on-year increase ever recorded. We’re getting older, too; the number of people in Canada .

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