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bulldog adult - Best Adult Nursing Breastfeeding video of all time

Mar 21,  · An adult Bulldog can weigh around 50 lbs or more. Average weight for a female should be around 40lbs, with males weighing closer to 50lbs. Being overweight is very bad for your dog, and you should keep your Bulldog slim with a tucked in tummy. American Bulldog puppies should be fed a large-breed puppy food for the first 14 months of their life in order to ensure slow and steady growth. Puppies should not be fed added calcium until they Temperament: Loyal, Self-Confident.

Most English bulldogs are gentle and loving and get along with other animals. They LOVE children, sometimes when they are young they get pretty excited and need to be watched that they don't knock small children over. Bulldogs tend to be stubborn and they need a firm hand when training. They also have more health issues then most breeds.