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Aug 27,  · As with children, fifth disease in adults is almost always mild. Symptoms include joint pain and swelling. A mild rash might occur, but a rash Author: Autumn Rivers. Apr 15,  · Parvovirus symptoms in adults Adults don't usually develop the slapped-cheek rash. Instead, the most noticeable symptom of parvovirus infection in adults is joint soreness, lasting days to weeks. Joints most commonly affected are the hands, wrists, knees and ankles.

Adults who get fifth disease often develop flu-like symptoms without the rash. Along with those symptoms, about 80% of adults also develop joint pain in the wrists, hands and knees. Next: Diagnosis and Tests Get useful, helpful and relevant health + wellness information. Adults can also become infected with the virus and develop fifth disease. Adults tend to have a more severe flu-like illness but seldom develop the rash. Adults, especially women, with the disease are much more likely than children to develop joint symptoms.

Jan 11,  · Fifth disease is usually a mild illness that resolves on its own among children and adults who are otherwise healthy. Joint pain and swelling in adults also usually resolve without long-term disability. Anti-inflammation medication can help to resolve joint symptoms. Signs and Symptoms of Fifth Disease. The illness appears 14 days after exposure to an infected individual (incubation period). In children and healthy adults, there may be a flu-like illness with cold symptoms and a fever. Adults may get polyarthropathy or pain in a number of joints.