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2 days ago · The Gazette adult carriers are independent contractors. Must be over A person who understands what good service means. Be service oriented to provide satisfactory delivery to every customer. Jun 14,  · When a Labor Department rules that an adult carrier claimant is eligible for unemployment compensation, newspapers must pay the cost of those benefits. There have also been instances where states have directly targeted newspaper companies and have completed audits of their independent contractors.

State law exempts newspaper carriers under age 18 from coverage under the state UI law. DOL generally finds adult carriers who claim unemployment benefits under state law to be employees of the newspapers and thus eligible for UI benefits if they meet the other standard criteria. My carrier delivers the newspaper at my mailbox in a newspaper slot there, but sometimes, in the Christmas season (lots of ads), it is thrown on the driveway, but the paper is in a plastic bag. I have been giving $50 at Christmas, although I gave only $30 the last time.