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Doing an apprenticeship as an adult ensures you keep earning a wage while you re-skill. What about pay? How does pay work as an apprentice, and what can I expect to earn as an apprenticeship wage? Apprentice wages can be tight. The minimum wage for a first year apprentice is as low as £ an hour. This will be quite a financial shock for many, specifically those looking to shift their career . Adult Modern Apprenticeships are a great way of developing your employee's skills and knowledge for a fraction of the cost. Upskill your workforce for FREE* - funding is provided by Skills Development Scotland so you can update your employee’s skills free* of charge.

With a Modern Apprenticeship you learn on the job, and get the experience you need. Plus, you work towards a qualification. Whether you’re thinking about the future, job hunting, or want to learn new skills, a Modern Apprenticeship could be for you. Over Modern Apprenticeships across hundreds of . Modern Apprenticeship Earn while you learn and build the experience and skills employers want to see.

Doing an adult apprenticeships can open up more possibilities to develop your career aspirations and develop you as an individual. Whether you are considering a career move or like the opportunity of developing in your current employer then studying further education to learn new skills through the apprenticeship route is a great alternative to other further education options. Becoming an apprentice An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. You're an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave.

A Modern Apprenticeship is a job which lets people earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification. For employers, modern apprenticeships help develop their workforce by training new staff, and upskilling existing employees. Earn while you learn Modern Apprenticeships combine a qualification with on-the-job experience. To become an apprentice, you must: be 16 or over. not already be in full-time education. live in England. You can start an apprenticeship whether you’re starting your career, want a change or.