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Dec 27,  · There is no set dress code for adult ballet classes where I attend. Since I had danced previously, I had tights and slippers and wear black tights and DB with a white T, and black slippers. I do have white slippers and socks but prefer black for . Adult Classes do not have to follow the student ballet dress code, however, we do ask that you wear tight fitting athletic clothing, should you choose not to wear leotard, tights and ballet skirt. Please also make sure that your hair is pulled back away from your face. This Location: Sierra Court, Suite L Dublin, CA USA.

Males: T-shirt tucked in neatly (or leotard), dark tights, socks, black or white ballet slippers *. The dress code for our Conservatory students in Prep-Ballet, Primary Level and Levels B7-B1 is now based on a standard class uniform. Uniforms may be ordered on our website or in person at our front desk. P acific B allet A cademy offers a full range of graded classes, from pre-ballet to pre-professional training. We provide a unique opportunity for students of all ages and abilities to study the traditions and discipline of Russian Ballet. Whether a student's goal is a career in dance or purely recreational exercise, our dedicated faculty offers personal attention and professional training to.

Jul 30,  · Adult ballet classes rarely enforce a dress code. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tights and a leotard, simply wear a T-shirt and sweatpants. Make sure you wear something that allows you to move freely. Before you buy ballet slippers, ask your teacher which type she prefers. Students ages are required to take a combination class of basics – classical ballet and tap in order to take a jazz class. Students ages may take a jazz class, but only as a 2nd class. Students ages may take single classes of Hip Hop. Students ages may take single classes of Musical Theatre. Dress code for Combination Classes.

Nov 21,  · If you prefer not to wear pink, many adult ballet students wear black tights instead. Tip: Variations include footed, footless, and convertible, which allows you to transition from footed to footless. The most popular option among adult ballet students is pink convertible tights, and black footless tights.