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Aug 27,  · Many adults have antibodies that prevent them from developing fifth disease because of previous exposure during childhood. When contracting fifth disease as an adult, Author: Autumn Rivers. Apr 10,  · Human Parvovirus B in Adult. April 10, By Arthritis Center. In children, it is often called Fifth’s Disease or erythema infectiosum. It presents as a fever and a flat red skin rash on the face “slapped cheeks” and occasionally on the palms and soles of the feet. By the time the rash appears, the child is ususally better and no.

Nov 25,  · Can Adults Get Fifth Disease? Can Adults Get Fifth Disease? Fifth disease is a mild illness that is often accompanied by a red rash and joint pain, it is more common in children but can also impact adults. When adults are infected with fifth disease it tends to be more severe, including flu-like symptoms and joint pain. This viral disease primarily affects children but can also affect adults. Fifth disease, also called Erythema infectiosum, is a mild viral illness that most commonly affects children. It is called fifth disease because it is the fifth of the five viral rash diseases of childhood (the .

Adults can get fifth disease too, but most infections are in children. What are the symptoms of fifth disease in a child? Symptoms usually show up 4 to 14 days after a child is exposed to the disease. About 4 in 5 infected children have very mild symptoms for about a week before getting the rash.