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Adult Data Set Download: Data Folder, Data Set Description. Abstract: Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census virginxx.xyz known as "Census Income" dataset. An individual’s annual income results from various factors. Intuitively, it is influenced by the individual’s education level, age, gender, occupation, and etc. This is a widely cited KNN dataset.

Oct 27,  · The Adult dataset is a widely used standard machine learning dataset, used to explore and demonstrate many machine learning algorithms, both generally and those designed specifically for imbalanced classification. First, download the dataset and save it in your current working directory with the name “ virginxx.xyz ”. The first test set is the UCI Adult data set. The SVM is given 14 attributes of a census form of a household and asked to predict whether that household has an income greater than $50,

Adult dataset This dataset comes from the UCI repository of machine learning databases. The task is to predict if an individual's annual income excceds $50, based on census data. More details are available in the original UCI documentation. Adults Data Set We will be working on the Adults Data Set, which can be found at the UCI Website. In this problem the goal is to predict whether a person income is higher or lower than $50k/year based on their attributes, which indicates that we will be able to use the logistic regression algorithm.