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After Tumblr’s NSFW ban, these adult communities have come out on top Tumblr’s web traffic has plummeted by a third since it banned titillating images and videos–creating a niche for naughty. Compersion is the flipside of jealousy; it’s the happiness you feel seeing your partner happy. The word’s often used by people in polyamorous relationships to describe the feeling they get seeing.

The latest tweets from @ErenCuckold. CUCK is a gripping fly-on-the wall character study and psychosexual thriller tracking an isolated and lonely young man as he is indoctrinated into the online echo chambers of Alt-Right ideology and hate. Touching on several topical nerves, CUCK gives a raw, unforgiving glimpse into a dark world that hides in plain sight.

The latest tweets from @secretswingercb. The word "cuckold" derives from the name of the cuckoo bird, which has a habit of laying its eggs in other birds' virginxx.xyz association and the sexual implications are common in medieval folklore and literature, although the older usages usually imply that the husband is unaware of his wife's adultery.

Demi Moore can officially add “runway model” to her résumé after appearing on the Fendi catwalk. The year-old was just seen joining the flock of celebrities and supermodels who made their. Elizabeth Durand Streisand Elizabeth Durand Streisand was a former freelance journalist with bylines in Us Weekly, Yahoo, Life & Style, NY Post, NY Daily News, and MTV, among others.

r/Breeding: NSFW subreddit for reproductive related pornography and discussion. Sex vacations and adult resorts are growing increasingly popular, with attractions like sex shows, erotic massages (we’ll get to that later), and playrooms for public sex. Many people I’ve.